King Koala does not refer to a monarchy, in which nobody believes, but it is pure shit. King Koala is the king of this shit. King Koala is lazy. King Koala is the king of the lazy and when it decides to do something it does it slowly. King Koala is not afraid of Christmas, but celebrates Saint Patrick. King Koala loves books.

Make it slow

King Koala is a fluid, narrative, imaginative and visual editorial collective. Slow in his production, concentrated in producing even unconscious dreams of artists capable of doing it. King Koala finds books, stories, objects, words, photos, passages, environments, sounds and landscapes.

Publishing projects that go beyond the usual idea

of a book or catalog, magazine, becoming a fluid form to present mainly photography, but also artistic heritage, visual social experiments, fantasies and living spaces of universes and dimensions in common.

In the Dream Time the world already existed

This type of vision assigns importance to every place on earth, and establishes a network of original relationships between living beings.

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