Interestingly, it was Matt’s passion for photography that ultimately led to a successful career in booking shows that continues to this day. Matt recalls “I was going to shows taking photos and people kept telling me that I couldn’t do it, or I had to move, or I had to request specific passes. Since I speak English as a second language and I knew a lot of the bands personally, I decided to book my own shows in Italy to be able to take photos without hassle!”

Photographer, Hellfire Booking Agency founder, booking agent and promoter, fanzine writer, ex DJ, crowdsurfer and once-in-a-lifetime human barrier for Dillinger Escape Plan, Matt Cabani has shot his way through every corner of the music world in the past three decades. His work can be spotted on album covers, international fanzines, American books, t-shirts, editorial designers’ bedroom walls, official videos and promotional throwbacks all over the globe.



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