When I met Luca I told myself that I shouldn’t have done anything with him. This guy is out of control. Then he stabbed me with a comic and I couldn’t say no.
But he’s still a tough guy. – King Koala

How could I define myself? I would probably say: “I’m very nice” They told me that girls like the man who makes them laugh. I am an artist, in the sense of a visual artist, who paints and makes sculptures or things like that. 
When I met King Koala we decided to try and come up with something new. A comic came out that we could call after the Exploited song “Sex and Violence” but which is called in another way. As with my paintings, I thought about the world around me, about my obsessions, my strengths and my defects. A publication that I would define: “Very nice”. Luca Loreti (1990) graduated in Painting from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Milan.



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