You know dog, it is better that I keep staring at the sky, right now the only thing that is on earth is your shit to scoop up, dead bodies, cum, and that video of the queen bee dancing covered in dirt.

I like to mix incompatible elements to describe myself, people I meet and the world I’m watching. Often I use fragments taken from my archives, sometimes created for a specific reason, to reinvent them, to use them with different meanings, to bring them to life, and set them in different scenarios. In 2012 I started an erotic project called Eromata, a collection of 7000 erotic stills to this day, a sort of collector’s book for adults. This project is constantly evolving, many times functioning as inspiration for other journeys. In 2019 I worked as co-author of the book Ultima Edizione: Storie nere dagli archivi de La Notte, a tale of the crime scene in Lombardy, narrated by the unedited shots of photographers of that time.



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