Marcel Swann is born in 1986 in Brazil and then moved, still young, in Tuscany, Italy. Very soon obsessed by visual arts, at 12 he starts with his activity as a graffiti writer, choosing the old school style. He starts capturing the works of other street artists in order to archive and study it, soon realizing that photography is the most suitable medium to do research about the different matters of his interest.
At 23 he moved to Birmingham – England – for one year and then in Los Angeles – California – for six months: during this period he starts to face in a professional way the photography world on different fronts and starts to exhibit in Italy and abroad. Every of his projects births first from a deep study of philosophical, psychoanalysis and literature texts in order to open a reflection about the medium, himself and the time we are living in, enlightening the sensitive signs that this can offer.

One of his main topic is about the absence of desire – in the Lacan meaning – at nowadays. The project about this subject, called by the artist “Kill Jouissance”, develops in three steps. In 2017 the first book connected with this is out “Tears // NAH” published by Iemmedizioni where, taking vantage from both photography and writing, he gives life to a personal research path using reminiscences and discoveries that go to rationalize – in the Gilles Deleuze meaning – his past.

In 2023 is when the second part of the projects goes to an end “BIBLE // for when I will die //“.
This book go through the recognizing of his own sexual vocations, with a particular attention to paraphilia. An individual frustrated by not living his sexuality in a free way, because of a shame due to a society that wants him just like a consumer, is easier to manipulate and it leads him to pay the consequences on a political and social level. The author working on the reality of the telling subject and playing with different photographic techniques, offers a reflection about the value of freedom in our times and encourages the user of this artistic path to be the protagonist of his inner self.



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