Even though I’m cute and docile, I’m still wild and any contact with humans different from me is forbidden. Since it is impossible to domesticate me, I do not give confidence to anyone except on rare occasions, however if you hurt me, you won’t be punished.

Born in Lombardy in 1982, he is a pretty complex soul. World traveler, focused mostly on visual art, such as photography and video, he is also a pretty indelicate writer and manga expert. His main occupation is to manage all the characters that live in his head, while keeping calm, even though he rarely succeeds. He dwells into a variety of projects that span from comics to expositions, like the one dedicated to Hideo Azuma in 2019. His entire artistic production is driven by the soul, the fears, the anxiety, the discomfort and unbalanced moods, with a constant emotional confusion. He also has a website in which he lists what he’s up to, here.



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