Eat More Eucalyptus – Catalogue


Eat more eucalyptus which is good for the body and mind.



King Koala Press is a totally independent publishing house based in Milan, at the Litostudio society. Born in 2020, King Koala publishes photography, design and magazine books selected with the aim of researching and proposing the physicality of artistic expression.The topics covered range from photography to graffiti, comics to sociology, music to bondage. The authors of King Koala are artists of international underground culture and often have a niche fame, which is why they are truly appreciated. Each book is a project created directly with the authors and the distribution takes place completely independently, with bookshop tours, presentations and targeted meetings all over the world. The print runs of King Koala books are limited and no reprints are foreseen, since the artistic book is an aesthetic ecosystem that does not allow replications. So that the book can become rare and precious in the future. Eat more eucalyptus which is good for the body and mind.

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