Ocean Atmosphere by Alessandra Pace


Ocean Atmosphere | Alessandra Pace 
Exclusive interview at the end of the volume 
for King Koala Press


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I always had a passion for the low quality, the choice to work on film it’s a strict renouncement to the high definition the digital photography allows you nowadays. I like undefined shapes, the oneiric atmosphere, underexposed photos, the blurred ones, toned colors, maybe if you reduce details you can catch the essence of the captured moments better. To get these effects in addition to my faithful Nikon f301 and Contax g2, I shot with different kind of Polaroid cameras, Chinese disposables, also expired ones, kodak disposables, in underwater version too,  a 35mm underwater camera from 70’s used only to shoot out of the water, and then a camera that I particularly love, a charming little box with a pinhole that imprint on 35mm roll, the legendary Pinolina, designed and handmade in limited edition by my friend from Abruzzo Rolando Fidani.

Ocean is the first solo book by photographer Alessandra Pace. 
A collection of shots divided by environments, starting from the most intimate (the bathroom) 
to to the whole world. Ocean, atmospheres, ecosystem. For the first time, 
Alessandra Pace's photos collected in a single luxury volume.












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