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Fine Art Print Inkjet Print / King Koala press
Edition 5 ex. numebered and signed
Format: sheet 33x48cm / image 30x45cm + 1,5cm white margin
Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm - 100% cotton
Fine Art Print Inkjet Print by Droma Studio
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The Big Dream, this is the way aboriginals call the world.
Their world has no borders. It develops and get known only through the walkabout, a pilgrimage with no destination, that every aboriginal has to fulfill as act of initiation to life. In all this, art is the glue, the element that join a universe with no center and no periphery.
When COVID pandemic arrived, our world split apart even more under the weight of reality. Even before, or maybe since ever, the point of view of some underground artists, the ones more connected with impulses and erotism, has been attacked by morality, censorship and detrimental thought. With pandemic, the closure and the break of relationships and travels, the inspiration of most of us risked to suffocate. The necessity was to survive, like koalas in the Australian desert. And if it wasn’t possible to recover our personal creative process, at least we would go on to dream in the native way of Dreamtime, trying to live not an unreality state, but a path transcending space and time. The artistic survey of Alessandra Pace and Luca Matarazzo photos, presented in this project, constitutes just this, overcoming the necessary presence of individual/model in the mass culture, paradoxical ingredient of a social/hormonal storm where individuality is even more virtual and evanescent. Explorers of a cyclical ontology, the two photographers fill the distance between Pescara and Milan, with the same aptitude they find union points among different visions of the creative path. Buildings and nature, sea and rocks, colors and objects, houses and flowers that stand out and create the existence itself of a salvific artistic flair, in a universe even more empty, closed and lonely. A flux that in this case is searching for that Dream beyond time, able to surround at the same time past, present and future.

© kingkoala 2021 / © droma studio / © alessandra pace, luca matarazzo
The exhibition debuted in the off-circuit of Fotografia Europea 2021.
At the San Francesco gallery in via Bardi (RE). 
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