(The Dialectics of the transitional period from nowhere to no place)
These symbols are from the title of a novel written by an important author in Russian culture – Viktor Pelevin. The book describes the panorama of Russian society in the 2000s, which felt a need in order and stability after the chaos of the 90s. These were the times of the formation of the main pillars of modern Russia: the militarization of economy, the rhetoric of propaganda, the exclusive role of the FSB (Federal Security Service) in control of the political regime. Today, this book has acquired a recent meaning. The protagonist was planning and making decisions not based on rationality, but with the help of numbers and their relationships with each other. Now many people are leaving the CIS space, there are many reasons for this, but the common thing is the loss of the image of the future, an attempt to project and present it in a different space. This “space” excites me, and people like me. In every second there is an interweaving of images of experience, giving in symbiosis with a sense of the present – an image of the future. Its structuring is not always subject to the rational, hence the parallel with the book. The canvases in this space have come to determine the future or to take remove and rebuild moments from the past.

CHEO LOSS / T.D.F.N.T.N.Via Bldinucci 3E
From 7PM
No borders. More art.
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