Heat wave? It is rumored that it is for the release of a new magazine: 
DURO. An independent magazine dedicated to the exploration of masculinity. DURO is an editorial project that was born among the university benches by four designer friends, with the aim of retracing the patriarchal conjectures that weigh on contemporary society. The magazine is aimed at men of all ages and genders, precisely because it highlights the influence that stereotypes and expectations related to the male figure have on all of us. By creating a short circuit in the title, DURO moves away from the concept of male alpha, to promote a non-toxic narrative and return a real image freer in expression. The number zero of DURO enters the male universe investigating the sexual sphere, with a look that explores, analyzes and celebrates pleasure in all its facets. An editorial space created to give voice to personal experiences through interviews and articles, with the proposal of stimuli, resources and practical tools useful for a more aware exploration of sex. The magazine can be purchased on the website of the King Koala publishing house, available in two versions - Italian and English - and will see its next publications every six-monthly, touching on different but always current topics.

HARD magazine PRESS RELEASE King Koala Press @duro.mag kingkoala.it magazineduro@gmail.com hello@kingkoala.it

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