New project: Daido_

Daido rehabilitation diary
Pictures and layout: Rudeboy Jaco
Model: Daido the cat
Canon EOS 700D
Mixed collage
Japanese translation
Photo diary
Tetsuyoso style bookbinding
Hand made in collaboration with Droma Studio
Japanese reading
Limited edition
There is an exclusive playlist for those who participate by purchasing the project

In the summer of 2019 Daido had a terrible accident that forced him to severe rehabilitation to recover the use of his legs. He spent the summer in Milan, in the Serio Collective laboratory where he slowly got back. During the same period, I lived with him 24 hours a day and I entered into an alienating relationship through Daido and his way of being. He changed his name, Freshness when he was in a good mood, Slackness when he was spiteful. Daido has made a personal journey that I did not understand, but I lived in symbiosis with him in some way. This book is a collection of shots and thoughts that are the result of that particular imaginative that is out of moral judgment, but that has impressed me in the depths of emotions, going to stir dynamics atrophied by the use of antidepressant drugs. The book is like a manga because Daido is a Japanese cat. In name and in fact.

_Rudeboy Jaco

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